About me

Hi there!


I’m Vicki Miller-Pugh

Born and raised on cattle properties in northwest Queensland, my innate love for the Australian bush is the blueprint that defines who I am – as an individual and as an artist.  Growing up in the expansive outback it was Mother Nature who ignited my passion for photography. The earthy colours and tones of our sunburnt land, long childhood afternoons playing in the warm light, and sunsets that dream are made of – the fiery glow followed by the cotton-candy coloured skies. Inspiration was everywhere and my camera beckoned.

This love for the bush and the outback way of lifeis evident in my warm, relaxed photographic style. I draw inspiration from the simplicity and beauty of the rural lifestyle but I also have the ability to translate my style to non-country settings and authenticallydocument other people’s stories.

My husband is a helicopter mustering pilot and we live with our son Hayes between our parents’ properties in Mingela.  I spend my days at my parent’s property called Grass Hut where my office is located and then my husband’s family property is on the other side of Mingela at Springview where we live.

My relaxed, documentary style of photography can be adapted to any location or shoot but the defining characteristics of my work are steadfast.

Simple. Relaxed. Client-focused. Creative. Authentic. Warm.

I look forward to capturing your story.


“Friendly, easy to talk with, calming direction with those nervous in front of the camera.”

“Unique, adventurous, creative, small town lovely personality, always noticing the small things.”

“Chilled, adaptive, patient. Attention to detail, amazing people skills, amazing!”

“Warm, inviting, down to earth, approachable, can make magic happen.”

“Refreshingly honest, relaxed and humble. You help to immortalize the purest of moments in pictures.”